The village Hodoni (Odon, Odogny, Odoign, Hodony) is mentioned in historical documents since 1717.

In the year 1812, the baron familiy Manaszy-Barco acquires the property and takes the name „de Hodony”. The Manaszy-Barco de Hodony family is important in the historical region of Banat, having numerous other estates and family members active in the Parliament in Budapest.

In the year 1840 the „curia” (mansion) of the family is built, on an estate that has numerous other buildings, parcs, alleys. The plan of the estate is visible in maps dating from 1860.

After 1874 the estate is successively owned by other families: 1874 Archduke Johann de Toscana, in 1877, Francisca Todesco, and in 1879 owners were Eross Bela and Gheza and in 1888 it was bought by Kastory Ioan and Mihai, the last remaining owners for a longer period.

During the Second World War the estate was purchased by Thomas Surlaş, a merchant of Timisoara.

In the years around 1960 the estate is nationalized by the communist regime and turned over to the state.

In 2004 it is regained by the rightful owners.